selected results from collaborative poster-making workshops.
in collaboration with leslie lawrence.

résultats d'ateliers de création d'affiche collective.
en collaboration avec leslie lawrence.


a. final poster

b. workshop with Nicola Baratto, Alban Karsten, Leslie Lawrence, Kitty Maria, Léo Ravy, Sophia Simensky and Sun Chang


c. final poster

d. 16 inital posters

e. tracing process

f. tracing result

g. coloring process

h. coloring result

i. workshop with Maria Christoforidou, Tomas  Eyzaguirre, Walter Götsch, Anna Housiada, Leslie Lawrence, Petros Lolis, Julie Loi, Matina Nikolaidou, Léo Ravy, Leonardo Ruvolo, Andreas Sell, Dimitris Theodoropoulos, Pan Tzannetakis and Emma Williams


j. final poster

k. workshop with Szymon Adamzcak, Misho Antadze, Henna Hyvärinen, Martina Raponi and Julia Sokolnicka

l. dall-e imagery

m. custom font

n. design guidelines

o. alternate poster

p. alternate poster

q. alternate poster


r. final poster

s. final poster

t. workshop with Daniil Aleksin, Tomàs Eyzaguirre, Kelly Jang, Leslie Lawrence, Sophia Simensky and Kiran Bhatt, Maria Byck and Sun Chang